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Just Shawn
Started as a house DJ in North Jersey, Just Shawn found his love for music at an early age. His respect for the growing hip hop movement in New York pushed him to take his music to the next level, instead of playing the hottest records, he decided to join the movement and start his career as a rap artist. Migrating to the Atlanta music scene he became an executive of the well known camp EDP (Every Damn Penny)/Hurricane Entertainment. With his North Jersey heart and ATL down south swagg, he provided a gateway for indie producers, singers, and rappers to express themselves freely and to gain respect on the streets. Writing a lot of music for some of his artist and making connections in the industry, Just Shawn decided to reinvented himself as a soulful singer. Later moving to Fayetteville, NC he provided a state of the art engineering service to the local artist in the area, and proved himself as a well rounded singer/engineer/producer, gaining him much respect in the market. His accomplishments lead him to work with big names in the industry such as but not limited to: Eric B, Suga Dice, Chris Flame, Nick Fury, Anisa Janay, Ke Ke Wyatt, Mark the 45 King, Tank Tyler, Lil’ Boone, Chico DeBarge, Lil’ Zane, Akon, Stevie J, and many more!

The Company
Music Cleaners was founded in 2010 by songwriter/ engineer/ artist, Just Shawn. During his 10 plus years in the industry, Just Shawn has had the pleasures of working with several big name and independent, record labels, artist, camps, and key executives in the game. His love for music and to seeing others succeed, he envisioned a type of service that will give all aspiring artist a chance to get their music heard. Thus Music Cleaners was born.

Welcome To The Family
By becoming a member of the Music Cleaners Family we will help you get on the right track with proper sounding music and help you develop as an artist. Not only do we provide a mixing and mastering service, but we also do artist development and broadcast our customers music on the site and other outlets as well.  We work will a wide range of entertainment enthusiast which some include: Vevo, Universal Records, Warner Brothers Records, DaMusicBank.com, DMB Credit Cleaning, Urbpin.com, AppBiz.co and many more!

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